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Plants are the key to a healthy planet and the cornerstone upon which all agriculture depends. Cutting-edge research in plant molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, and genomics is considered vital to safe-guard the environment while sustainably meeting the food, feed, fiber, and fuel needs of an ever-increasing population. The UGA Plant Center promotes interaction amongst plant geneticists, plant molecular biologists and plant biochemists, helps support agriculture in Georgia and beyond, and fosters a productive learning environment for students and scientists.

Spring Symposium

Date: May 7, 2014
Location: Classic Center (Athens, GA)

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Tom Juenger (University of Texas - Austin)
Talk Title: Studying ecophysiology and adaptation in plants using genetic and genomic tools

Mark Tester (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)
Talk Title: Understanding and engineering salinity tolerance in crop plants
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Jesse Poland (Kansas State University)
Talk Title: Connecting (high-throughput) genotype to (high-throughput) phenotype in wheat
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Luca Comai (UC Davis Genome Center)
Talk Title: Sex-determination mechanism on the Y chromosome of Diospyrus
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Melissa Mitchum (University of Missouri - Columbia)
Talk Title: An Integrated Platform for Studying a Novel Nematode Disease Resistance Gene Network in Soybean
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Federica Brandizzi (Michican State University)
Talk Title: Life inside a plant cell: a dynamic perspective
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Plant-Related Seminars at UGA