Undergraduate Research

ambrosia stem cell

Faculty affiliated with the Plant Center are committed to training the next generation of scientific researchers.

Most plant science research at UGA is extramurally funded by state and federal grant support and/or industrial collaborations. In many cases, this funding includes support for undergraduate research opportunities.

Plant Center faculty have been very successful in undergraduate training, with hundreds of examples of students who have worked in member labs as a stepping stone to prepare the for graduate school or a career in a biomedical field. There are also countless examples of students who began with an interest in medicine only to change their minds and go on to become successful plant scientists.

Depending on the lab, there may be opportunities for hourly (paid) work or research for credit, as well as full-time summer employment. There are also summer opportunities directed toward under-represented minorities which can be applied for through programs such as the Peach State LSAMP and UGA MANNRS. By mentioning plant biology or plant agriculture in their applications, such students will be directed to a plant biology lab.

Please look at our Members page and contact a faculty member whose research interests closely match your own to find out about any opportunities that might be available for you.

“The connections and the experiences that I have gained from Dr. Parrott’s and Dr. Missaoui’s labs have helped me become a better informed and more driven in my goals” –  Tate Hutwagner

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