Spring Symposium




We aim to develop a comprehensive educational symposium aimed at equipping aspiring plant scientists with the latest advancements in the multiple fields of interest for our plant science. The symposium will also foster the development of leadership and organizational skills among future professionals in the field as it is a student-led event. This initiative involves empowering the next generation to take charge of planning and executing events tailored to their specific interests in plant science.


The Plant Center Corteva Spring Symposium is a student-led event hosted by UGA each year. It is a day-long seminar series with speakers invited from Academia and Corteva. This year, our team has chosen the theme “Roots to Shoots and Everything in Between”. Our team aims to celebrate the interdisciplinary nature of UGA’s Plant Center. This comprehensive theme reflects our commitment to showcasing the intersection of plant pathology, ecology, genetics, plant biology, and plant breeding through our distinguished lineup of speakers.



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